Lighthouse Academies Career and Technical Education (CTE) Business Education Teacher in Bronx, United States

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Business Education Teacher


School Year:2018-2019

Region:Eastern Region - Bronx

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Location:Bronx, NY - Metropolitan CPA


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Job Description

Job SummaryPlan, prepare, implement, monitor, and evaluate a quality competency-based Business CTE(Career and Technical Education) Program leading to the development of student skillssufficient to qualify for entry-level employment and/or post-secondary education using effectiveinstruction with all students.Essential Functions & Responsibilities? Demonstrate knowledge of subject matter; center instruction on high expectations forstudent achievement and demonstrate effective teaching practices? Use multiple student data elements for the purpose of assessing student progress,modifying instruction and improving student learning? Communicate and collaborate with parents and the school community for the purpose offostering individual student success and growth while engaging the families in theinstructional program? Exhibit collaborative and collegial practices focused on improving instructional practiceand student learning by participating in professional learning communities, showingprofessionalism, and growing professionally? Plan, organize, and teach a competency-based CTE program in business? Manage and advise DECA (Distributive Education Club of America) and incorporateDECA leadership activities into the business and technology curriculum (desired)? Foster and manage a safe, positive, and respectful learning environment for the purposeof promoting effective student behavior and success? Assist in the development of and participate in activities designed to promote aninnovative business and technology program? Develop community and industry partnerships for students? Demonstrate a professional commitment to CTE innovation? Order supplies, instructional materials, and equipment necessary for the program? Provide information and counsel students relative to employment, career opportunitiesand further education? Participation in DECA required at the local and state levels (and the national level ifstudents qualify) (dedired)? Maintain accurate records of CTE program completers, Tech Prep College Creditregistration and grading, distribution of awards and submit information/records includingstudent progress for all students? Maintain consistent attendance and conform to regular work hours specified undercontract? Share with other staff members the responsibility for school activities and studentsupervision? Implement and comply with school policies and procedures? Perform appropriate tasks as designated by the principal in relation to the responsibilitieslisted above


  1. Hold or qualify for Business Education and/or Business and Marketi ng CTEcertificate/endor sement valid in New York State and a secondary teaching certificate (out ofstate candidates must meet New York State certification requirements)2. Successful trainin g/teaching experience with students with a variety of backgrounds (i.e.,s pecial needs, ELL, students-at-risk) and the ability to adapt teaching style and materials tomeet individual needs3. Successful New York State background check and FBI Fingerprint Clearance Report and Disclosure Statement in accordance with state law

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